Franciscan Youth
meeting times: Thursdays at 7.30 p.m.
FRAMA is the acronym of a youth community called FRAnjvačka MlAdež – Franciscan Youth. It is a fraternity of young people who have felt the call of the Holy Spirit to live the life of Christianity in the light of St. Francis's message, within the Franciscan family. FRAMA community includes young people aged 14 to 30, who are, in their most beautiful life age, called to ask themselves what they want to do with their lives. After FRAMA they can continue their Franciscan spirituality in the SFO.

The original idea of such fraternity came up in Italy in the mid 1980's when GIFRA was founded (Gioventa Francescana – Franciscan Youth). FRAMA first came to life in Croatia in the 1990's in the Franciscan Province of the St. Cyril and Method that comprises the area from Ilok to Rijeka – Trsat. At first the young gathered in the monastery on Kaptol in Zagreb, but very soon FRAMA expanded to other Franciscan regions of Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.
True members of FRAMA are those young people who made their "pledge", which is the external and ecclesiastical sign of the first personal response of the young person to the call of the Holy Spirit that they want to get to know and live the Gospel in the way St. Francis did. FRAMA members meet at least once a week in the Franciscan monastery. At their meetings they discuss one of the topics that the fraternity has decided to study. Usually it is an episode or an issue from St. Francis's life which is thematically linked with us and our modern life. At these meetings, besides lectures and discussions, young people sing gospel songs and read meditations.

Every year large meetings are organized to deepen the faith through togetherness: provincial and national meetings, capitals, and Franciscan procession.
FRAMA prompts different activities: from charity (collecting help for those in need, visiting homes and shelters…) to theatrical, musical, apostolic works. Everybody has got a chance to realize himself through these activities. All you need is to come with an open heart, good will, trust and faith in our Lord. The best way to learn about FRAMA is to visit us.