Secular Franciscan Order - SFO

Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) was founded by the inspiration and workings of St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226). St. Francis was the founder of three Franciscan orders: the First Order (male, Franciscans – conventuals), the Second Order (female, Poor Clares – after St. Clare) and the Third Order (for the laymen of the world). That is why the SFO was for a long time called "the Third Order of St. Francis", and the members of it "tertiaries". In St. Francis's time and immediately after he passed away those were brothers and sisters who wanted to follow example of St. Francis but to remain in the world. Brothers and sisters (which is how they address and feel about each other) live their togetherness in the concrete: in small fraternities or SFO communities connected with monasteries and parishes. Such communities also have their leadership which includes a so-called spiritual assistant (who is always a priest – Franciscan). Brothers and sisters live the Gospel following example of St. Francis and they do everything to devote themselves to an intense spiritual life. They have their rules, spiritual purpose and means of consecration. They serve in the Church, help their brothers in need and poverty, and try to set an example in their social and familial duties.

Year 1712 has been taken as the starting year of the SFO in Osijek, when the Fraternity of the Cord of St. Francis – or the Cordigers – was founded, which was dissolved by the emperor Joseph II 1784. In 1882 the Third Order of St. Francis was founded, and was active until the end of WWII.Then it died out until 1960, when it again became active in charity work as Caritas in Osijek. They have always been at service to Franciscan church and monastery spiritually and financially. Since 2000 SFO has been restructured, so now the Osijek Regional Fraternity of St. Anthony of Padua, which comprises Đakovo and Srijem diocese, Subotica diocese and partly Požega diocese, has its seat in the Franciscan monastery in Tvrđa.
meetings: every first Saturday at 4.30 p.m.